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bs-0 is a software playback sampler for Steinberg VST 2.4, and Apple Audio Units plug-in format. You can play all SoundFont 2 files for Creative Sound Blaster series, and DLS (Downloadable Sounds) files on your host application. bs-0 supports Mac OS X and Windows.


Loads 1 SoundFont / DLS file
1 (mono) outputs
4 voices
Modulation LFO (to Osc/Amp/Fil) and Vibrato LFO (to Osc) supported
Volume EG (to Amp) and Modulation EG (to Osc/Fil) supported
Plug-in ID : ‘bs00’
Receive MIDI Channel: don’t care
Receive MIDI Message (depends on your host application)
note off message
note on message (velocity supported)
Control change message
#0 bank select msb
#1 modulation
#5 portamento time
#6 data entry msb
#7 volume
#11 expression
#64 hold1
#71 sound control 2 (timbre/harmony indensity)
#72 sound control 3 (release time)
#73 sound control 4 (attack time)
#74 sound control 5 (brightness)
#75 sound control 6 (decay time)
#76 sound control 7 (vibrato rate)
#77 sound control 8 (vibrato depth)
#78 sound control 9 (vibrato delay)
#98 nrpn lsb
#99 nrpn msb
msb 0x01, lsb 0x08 vibrato rate
msb 0x01, lsb 0x09 vibrato depth
msb 0x01, lsb 0x0A vibrato delay
msb 0x01, lsb 0x20 cutoff frequency
msb 0x01, lsb 0x21 resonance
msb 0x01, lsb 0x63 TVA & TVF env attack time
msb 0x01, lsb 0x64 TVA & TVF env decay time
msb 0x01, lsb 0x66 TVA & TVF env release time
#100 rpn lsb
#101 rpn msb
msb 0x00, lsb 0x00 pitch bend sensitivity
msb 0x00, lsb 0x01 master fine tuning
msb 0x00, lsb 0x02 master coarse tuning
program change message
pitch bend change message
system exclusive message (Universal realtime / non-realtime, Roland GS compatible)


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