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MiGiC converts your guitar to MIDI using nothing more than an audio plugin. The conversion is achieved with the the lowest latency on the market! MiGiC is packed with powerful features that will open up a new world of possibilities for musicians performing live and in the studio. Download beta 5 and rediscover your creativity.

MiGiC features a simplistic and powerful user interface which let you configure the plugin to fit your style of playing. By introducing smart features such as new harmonizer, composing electronic music with an electric guitar has never been easier.

MiGiC is designed to fit your style of playing. Setup the guitar to MIDI conversion using two simple sliders. You decide which components of your playing that is translated to MIDI.

Composing music has never been easier. Thanks to smart features such as auto tuning and an advanced harmonizer anyone can create beatiful music using MiGiC. Hit a note on the guitar and watch MiGiC magically transfer it into a harmonized chord.

MiGiC is designed to convert any guitar or bass to MIDI. Thanks to its preprocessing algorithms MiGiC can be tweaked to convert audio from both bass and guitar.



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