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Modelonia is a novel physical-modelling synthesizer which uses a hybrid of two distinct model ‘types’-
a plucked-string model, and a blown-bore (ie trumpet-type) model.

Each model may be used simultaneously, and the signal path allows cross-modulation between the two models for more interesting and complex tones.

Modelonia is not simply an emulation of acoustic instruments, nor is it your standard VSTi synth.
Advanced physical modeling technology has been used to enable “live” and expressive new sounds and harmonic textures.

Modelonia is designed to be the first compact multi-purpose virtual sythesizer which uses the physical-modelling technique as the only sound source and does not enhance it with multi-effects or sweepable filters (VFC in the Subtractive tradition), Modelonia sound shaping ability relies solely on physical-modelling.
Please see also this picture for a quick visual help
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Modelonia is skinnable and comes with two different skins – see the image links on the right


Modelonia was designed and developed by Luigi Felici.
Default skin graphics by Branislav Pakic
Presets by: Liqih, Tim Conrardy, Paul Walsh, Stephen Wey
Manual editors: Sean Ahern and Paul Walsh



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  1. loli said on October 28, 2015 1:21 pm:

    Very warm, analog like sound.