Oatmeal Preset Pack 01

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GeoSuPhat has provided a free bank of 64 presets for Oatmeal over on www.togeostudios.com to download.

The presets were created using the randomise feature of the Oatmeal interface, to show just how versatile the generator actually is. A very high percentage of the patches created by Oatmeal were usable right out of the box. This bank of 64 are the ones GeoSuPhat chose to pass on to you.

“This feature is great for coming up with new sound ideas and unlike other random patch generators there is very little tweaking required.”, says GeoSuPhat. He goes on to say “The only other synth that comes close as far as randomisers go is Crystal. I would be hard pressed to say which is better as I use them both a lot.”



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