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Density mkIII  is a Windows x32 freeware release for VST compatible applications

Major changes from mkII to mkIII version, at a glance:

  • the handling of inter modulation distortion (IMD) has been improved and there is no HF exaggeration caused by this anymore
  • the transient response of the compressor is now more focused and consistent over the entire spectrum reducing coloration artifacts
  • instead, a VCA color model has been implemented which can be dialed in as needed, providing a strong 2nd and 3rd order harmonic as well as frequency and load dependent higher order distortion artifacts
  • the SC filter option was optimized to better decouple the subsonic frequencies below 90Hz
  • the TIMING presets had been changed and features faster and more modern release time settings
  • P5 and P6 are introducing true program dependent release time behaviour now
  • a timing readout is displayed now for about 5 seconds when the according parameters are changing
  • the COMP mode has been changed and features soft-knee characteristics now
  • the parameter naming (as seen in host automation) is revised and the parameters are sorted now
  • the RELAX option has been changed and also allows to speed up the attack times
  • the linking algorithm has been optimized

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