Newfangled Audio – Pendulate – PC & MAC

Pendulate’s chaotic oscillator is matched with a wavefolder and low pass gate, inspired by the ideas of Don Buchla. These three modules combine to make inconceivable sounds you've never heard and will want to hear again.

Piano Vintage 1984 VST

1984 is the first synthesizer produced by Pianovintage in association with Alexandre Sylla Minika programming and design. 1984 is an emulation of analog synthesizer comprising a double oscillator, a filter, a casing (adsr) and generating two effects (Chorus / reverb).


MCharmVerb is a great sounding lush algorithmic reverb based on the MTurboReverb engine.

Depthcharge Compressor

The Depthcharge compressor designed with analogue VU meters and dimpled metal background. Designed specifically for tracking though it can be used in the master bus chain.

Hadron Particle Synthesizer

The Hadron plugin is your ultimate granular synthesis tool. In fact it is such a complete implementation of granular synthesis we’ve renamed the technique to particle synthesis. The plugin is of course free and open source.