Odin 2

The sound of this 24-voice polyphonic beast will take you from your studio right to Valhalla. Earth shattering basses, exquisite leads or mad FX, Odin's got them all! Use the classic sound of analog waveforms - or draw your own.

Vitamin C Compressor

This is an emulation of an Orange Squeezer guitar compressor, with added controls for tweaking. It runs in mono or stereo, and has selectable 2x oversampling.

EZ Poly – VST Synth

EZ-poly is blessed with an 8 step analog sequencer which syncs to your hosts tempo, or can be stepped with each new note, creating some fantastic tones and note-runs..

Vital Audio – Vital

Stretch, shift, smear and skew harmonics up, down and around the spectrum to explore new timbres and create sounds you didn't think possible with wavetables.

Automatic WahWah

Automatic stereo Wahwah is a classic 70’s Wahwah effect. Modelled from a state of the art analog time-varying-filter.

TAL – Flanger

TAL - Flanger is a free, easy to tweak, stereo flanger effect with its own special sound and some asymmetric analog like components in the feedback corner.