Stereo Flying Tremolo

Tremolo is one of the first electric audio effect. At the beginning of the 50’s, many companies began incorporating the effect into guitar amplifier.

Flying Delay

This free delay plugin allows you to repeat the input signal periodically like an echo.


Free synth plugin featuring 6 voice polyphony, 2wo DCO's with Saw, Square, Pulse, Noise and more!

Valhalla Freq Echo

Perfect for dub, Dr. Who and all of your psychedelic needs. Sonic results range from subtle chorusing and double tracking to barberpole phasing and flanging to endless glissandos and runaway echos.

TAL Filter 2

TAL-Filter-2 is a host synced filter module with different filter types, panorama and volume modulation possibilities.


Qontrolr is a quality control plug-in for Windows as both a 64 and 32 bit VST/VST3 technology. It features clipping distortion, decimation, fuzz, and static effects.

Limiter №6

5 modules: RMS compressor, peak limiter, high-frequency limiter, clipper, true peak limiter, high-quality signal processing to use for mastering purposes, brickwall and soft limiting with different timing settings, M/S and multiband modes, optional 4x oversampling, true inter-sample peaks (ISP)…

Blue Cat FreqAnalyst

Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst is a free spectrum analyzer plug-in that lets you monitor the spectral content of your audio signal in real time.

Metric Halo – Thump

Thump is a unique audio processor that allows you to synthesize low frequency audio to add low end to a track or generate another sound entirely.

Sanford Delay

The Sanford Delay is a free VST stereo delay effect. It's an easy to use delay that gets the job done quickly and efficiently.