The Tessla audio plugin series once started as a reminiscence to classic transformer based circuit designs of the 50s and 60s but without just being a clone stuck in the past...

Dr Phase

Dr Phase is an analog simulation of the epochal MXR® Phase 90™ phaser pedal introduced in the early 70s and used by countless musicians...

Amped Roots Free

This plugin runs on our latest Amped engine that includes a reliable tuner, MIDI capabilities and a standalone app making it extremely versatile.

Apogee Soft Limit

Easily add the warmth and character of analog tape to your tracks with a faithful plugin emulation of Apogee's legendary Soft Limit™


CollaB3 is a free vintage tonewheel organ emulation created to help musicians and creatives around the world stay home during the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide quarantine.