lufsLimiterFree is a free groundbreaking VST plugin designed to revolutionize audio limiting by introducing a new approach based on Loudness Units Full Scale (LUFS). Unlike traditional peak-based limiters, lufsLimiterFree offers precise control over loudness levels, ensuring your audio maintains…

Charlatan 3 – PC & Linux

Charlatan is a free virtual analog (VA) synthesizer with focus on sound quality and easy usability. Thanks to its streamlined UI, Charlatan never gets in your way when you like to move fast in your production workflow.

Izotope Trash Lite

Take your sound in new warped directions, or just have fun mashing things up with over 60 distortion types, like Rusty Bits, Cactus, Noise Art, and Distropia.

Tonocracy – Guitar Amp Sims

Tonocracy Combines Atomic’s all-new, cutting edge SchemAccurate amp simulation, our proprietary ToneSnap gear snapshot technology, and a suite of rapidly growing world-class effects into a single easy-to-use plugin and standalone app.

Dolby Atmos Composer Essential

Produce Dolby Atmos content on any DAW now! Approved by Dolby Labs, the Dolby Atmos Composer Essential annihilates all the unnecessary burden of manual setup for your Atmos workflow as well as the need to use a DAW capable of immersive audio production.

Crescendo by Bjt2

Crescendo is a programmable VST plugin for Windows users that allows the user to write custom VST instruments, Audio effects, MIDI effects or MIDI sequencers, with a complete programming language, supporting almost unlimited oscillators, LFOs, envelopes, filters, distortions and other effects per…