Greed Smasher Overdrive Pedal

GREED SMASHER is a free audio plugin based on a MESA/ Boogie® GRID SLAMMER™ Overdrive guitar pedal...


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GREED SMASHER is a free audio plugin based on a MESA/ Boogie® GRID SLAMMER™ Overdrive guitar pedal.


• The modeled circuit is based on a MESA/Boogie® GRID
SLAMMER™ Overdrive
• Low CPU usage
• Stereo and Mono modes
• Low (2x oversampling) and High (4x oversampling) Quality switch

Minimum System Requirements:


• CPU – Intel or AMD with SSE2 support
• OS – Windows Vista or newer
• DAW – VST 2.4 compatible or Pro Tools 11
• RAM – 2 Gb


• CPU – Intel Core 2 or newer
• OS – OS X 10.7 or newer
• DAW – AU or VST 2.4 compatible or AAX64 compatible
• RAM – 2 Gb


• INPUT GAIN – boosts the signal at the plugin input.
• GAIN – adjusts the amount of distortion.
• TONE – controls the amount of high frequency contour.
Adds bite to the sound or makes it mellower.
• LEVEL – controls the volume at the output of the pedal.
Useful for matching the distortion level to the normal level
when switching the effect on or off.
• STEREO – stereo mode switch activates a separate
processing of each channel. It works only on a stereo

How to set the Input Gain?

Please note – below is just our recommendation. You can set it up differently, if you wish. Play your stringed instrument as hard as you can – for example some power chords on lower (bass) strings. Now observe what signal is coming into your DAW. We recommend that you should aim for -6 dB. It means that when you hit strings hard, the input meter in your DAW will sometimes peak at -6 dB. If you are getting too close to clipping (0 dB), turn down the gain knob of your audio interface. If you are hitting strings hard and cannot reach -6 dB,
then turn the gain knob up on your audio interface.

Once you find the optimal gain knob position, move on to setting up the Input Gain in the GREED SMASHER. Here are the recommended values:

1-2 for single-coil pickups
2-4 for low/mid-gain humbuckers
5-6 for high-gain humbuckers

Feel free to try other values if the recommended ones do not work for you.