Reflex Spectrum Analyzer

An analyzer designed for low-end detail for Windows & Mac users...


The Reflex Spectrum Analyzer includes the standard features you’d expect from this category of plugin—such as stereo comparison and the ability to tilt and smooth the display.

Where this plugin stands out is its ability to show responsive and granular bass information. Technically speaking, the device uses four 512-element FFT analyses in a multiband configuration with distinct sample rates, chosen to optimize the distribution of the resulting 1,024 frequency bins across the audible range. The design achieves low-end bin spacing of just 0.7Hz, equivalent to that of a single 65,536-element FFT.

The combined frequency amplitude spectrum is displayed in a streamlined fashion on a semitone log scale covering 11 octaves from 10Hz to 20kHz. While the laws of information theory prevent us from viewing low-frequency information at high resolution in both the time and frequency domains simultaneously, Reflex brings you closer to what’s possible.


  • 132 log-spaced frequency bands with semitone spacing from 10Hz to 20kHz
  • 90dB range
  • Adjustable smoothing across frequency and time
  • Left-Right and Mide-Side stereo modes
  • Short-term (i.e. 3-second) LUFS display
  • Adjustable spectrum tilt (0, 3dB or 4.5dB per octave)
  • Peak frequencies displayed on a chromatic scale (calculated without tilt)
  • Adjustable GUI size (S, M & L buttons)
  • Click/drag over the spectrum display to audition specific frequencies (vertical position controls filter width)
  • Connect a second signal via sidechain input to compare spectra (if using the AU format of the plugin, also click “Sidechain Compare”)

Technical notes

  • Available in VST3 format for PC, and VST3 & AU formats for Mac. AAX support coming soon
  • Requires a compatible Digital Audio Workstation or other plugin host
  • Supports common sample rates from 44.1 to 384kHz