Acid Zone Retro

AZR-01 has a raw sound similar to an old DIY synthesizer that can really cut through in a mix...


Just Like A DIY Synthesizer! New monophonic single oscillator synthesizer, Acid Zone Retro, is a synth that harkens back to the DIY analog synths of the past. Similar to Deep Mono and Deep Step-606, AZR-01 is simple to program and has all the synth programming parameters available right on the front panel. Tweak a knob and you immediately begin to sculpt the sound.

It comes with 32 presets to get you started but can cover a lot of sonic ground. The sequencer included in AZR-01 was derived from reviewing the many sequencer schematics available on the Flowstone/Synthmaker community forum! We made our modifications but wish to thank all the forum developers for sharing their creative and groundbreaking work. This synthesizer is our tribute to the Flowstone developer community!<


  • 64 user presets
  • 32 custom presets
  • Midi automation
  • Delay and Reverb effects
  • VST 2.4

System Requirements

  • PC
  • 32 bit (Can operate in 64bit with JBridge)