EtherealWinds Harp II:CE

Quite possibly the most complete lever harp library in existence...


Recorded completely from the ground up in an eight-hour session, this is quite possibly the most complete lever harp library in existence.

Because we wanted to keep the spirit of the original freeware alive (and we knew you’d never let us get away without it), we put together this reduced version of the new library under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Share it, edit it, remix it, and build on it however you’d like!

Quick Facts:

  • 2 velocity layers.
  • 2 round robins.
  • Bonus: a selection of harp effects and vocal phrases from the full library.
  • Available as VSTi (Windows, Mac), Audio Units, and SFZ.

System Requirements:

  • ~320 MB of HDD space + 90-180 MB for installation files
  • SFZ version requires a sfz player such as Sforzando, Aria, or Linux Sampler (you can load the .wav files in any sampler though).
  • Best enjoyed with a MIDI controller and a cup of tea.

Available Versions:

Windows VSTi 64-bit, Windows VSTi 32-bit, Mac Audio Units, Mac VST, SFZ + raw .wav samples