Kia move.ment

To build move.ment, Kia recorded the sounds of movement in nature all over the world...


To build move.ment, Kia, the car manufacturer, recorded the sounds of movement in nature all over the world.

The science behind move.ment

The sounds of movement in nature produce what’s known as pink noise. This increases the alpha waves in the brain, inducing the flow state of consciousness, the state in which the brain is at its most creative. These natural sounds were recorded all over the world and used to develop the one-of-a-kind instrument, that we call move.ment.

To induce the flow state further, every composition should be arranged following these 4 neuroscientific parameters:

Science 1.


120bpm is the tempo in which synchronization of the heartbeat elicits the positive, calm focus we need to unlock flow. Increasing the song’s speed helps increase this state of focus.

Science 2.

Harmonic Progressions

Harmonic variations are better remembered by the listener and activate certain areas of the brain.

Science 3.

Melodic Intervals

Having melodic intervals creates a sense of movement, establishes a sense of anticipation, and is associated with pleasurable longing, which is often central to inspiration.


Science 4.

The texture of the composition, created by layering pink noise captured from the sounds of movement in nature.


Available for PC & Mac users.

Formats: VST2, AU & Standalone.