Free synth plugin featuring 6 voice polyphony, 2wo DCO's with Saw, Square, Pulse, Noise and more!


The PG-8X is a virtual analog synthesizer, with the standard 2-DCO – 24dB/oct Filter design and is available for download free for PC & Mac systems.


  • 6 voice polyphony
  • Two DCO’s with Saw, Square, Pulse, Noise
  • Hard Sync and Ring Modulation
  • Two exponential envelop generators
  • 24 dB resonant LP filter
  • HP filter (3 stages)
  • Stereo Chorus

Technical information:

  • Framework (GUI) in Synthedit
  • Sound generation (DCOs and VCF) entirely in custom modules
  • C++/Assembler
  • SSE code
  • up to 4 x 16-fold oversampled oscillator
  • 4-fold oversampled filter
  • Custom voice allocation
  • 6 Key assignment modes:
  • Poly (re-assignment of voices)
  • Poly2 (round robin)
  • Unison (two voices in unison)
  • Unison2 (second voice shifted by 1 octave)
  • Mono
  • Mono2 (all voices in unison)