Tonocracy – Guitar Amp Sims

The ultimate and NOW FREE guitar tone and effects software from Atomic Amplifiers!



Atomic has been an innovator in the guitar amp modeling space for over 20 years! The Tonocracy platform ushers in a new era with our most exciting, ambitious and sophisticated technology yet. It has never been a better time to be a guitar player and we are focused on providing the best tools to players to use across all mediums. The plugin world is only where the journey begins.

Amps: Tonocracy’s flagship amp models are powered by Atomic’s SchemAccurate technology. It combines the best of both component modeling and AI-based techniques, resulting in a fully adjustable model with controls that respond just like its real world counterpart. The factory amp list contains a well curated but growing collection of classic amps that are the basis for more exciting developments in the future.

ToneSnaps: Tonocracy’s proprietary ToneSnap technology delivers an extremely high level of accuracy when capturing gear. We pay special attention to integral aspects of the guitar playing experience like the transition between clean, breakup, and full-on distortion which guitarists adjust using their playing dynamics and by using the guitar volume control.

The infinite possibilities available with gear ToneSnap tech can leave some with analysis paralysis – this is why Atomic has partnered with some of the leaders in the tone/gear community to provide diverse yet well-curated collections that cover the most popular styles and genres. You may not even need to venture beyond these collections to find your ideal tone!

Cabs: Tonocracy includes a diverse set of factory cabinets from ML Sound Lab, Amalgam Audio, and others. To import your own cabinet IRs, drag WAV files into the ‘User Cabs’ folder. Cabinet impulses can be up to 8192 samples in length, giving superbly accurate frequency response.

Speaker Compression: The speaker compression parameter allows you to dial in the nuanced and critical relationship between the power amp, the speaker voice coil, and the natural compression that occurs in real guitar amp speakers. We apply this modeling to our SchemAccurate and ToneSnap technologies as well as to NAM files imported into Tonocracy. This delivers the otherwise elusive feel that can be missing from other offerings. Just turn the knob and season to taste (or feel, as the case may be).

FX: Tonocracy includes a selection of FX from different categories, including Drive, Reverb, Modulation, Delay, Dynamics, EQ, and Pitch. To import your own reverb IRs, drag WAV files into the ‘User Reverbs’ folder. Expect to see more here soon!

NAM Support: Tonocracy has the ability to play full NAM files natively. Simply drag your favorite NAM files from a desktop folder and drop them into the Tonocracy library. From there, add them to your signal chain as you would with any other Tonocracy asset.

Presets: Tonocracy comes stocked with an assortment of presets so you can start playing the moment you open it for the first time. They are designed to showcase tones from a variety of styles, provide a starting point for you to find your sound and get an idea of what is possible.

Signal Routing: Tonocracy offers a very flexible signal flow routing system that allows everything from a simple chain of blocks to complex, nested parallel paths. All operations are done by dragging and dropping blocks, either within the signal flow, or from the library to the signal flow.

Cloud Backups and Sync: Tonocracy offers seamless backup of your private library and synchronizes content across multiple devices through the Cloud Sync feature. Any modifications made to your local library are mirrored in your cloud account, and if you install Tonocracy on another device, your entire library will be available as soon as you log in. If you use multiple devices, you can modify your library on any of them and seamlessly synchronize the changes. For instance, if you have a desktop in your studio and a laptop for live performances, you can design presets on the desktop, organize them into a setlist folder, and then sync them to the cloud. Syncing on your laptop then fetches these updates. Likewise, any last-minute adjustments on your laptop can be synced back.

Cloud Library: Tonocracy allows users to publish any content they create to the Cloud Library, where it is available for other users to download. You can view the most recent submissions, search by name, tag, or just browse the entire library ranked by popularity.


Available for Windows and Mac users in VST3, AAX and Audio Unit formats.