Simpleside Free Sidechain Emulation Plugin
April 21
Looking for an easy to use sidechain emulator? Armando Montanez has you covered! Available to download free in VST and AU plugin formats for PC and Mac. Read More

Of course, not only can you use the factory presets, but you can also tweak them, create your own from scratch and saving your own presets, as you have full control over the the different parameters.

Those parameters are limited to what was needed to emulate the original sounds. No more, no less.
There are two distinct synthesizers: Drums and Tone.

The drum sounds are mapped to channel 10, and the synth to channel 1. The ADSR section and other knobs on the front pannel work only in ADSR mode, as the other modes (piano, fantasy, violin, flute and guitar are locked presets)



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